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LET'S GET CREATIVE!! I like to capture Poetic Visual Imagery...

I am a professional visual artist, photographer & designer.

Take a walk with me on this earth. Let's get creative! I believe we already are time traveling through this universe. What if there was 1000 years in one moment? Transform with the art of photography!!


There is soul & healing in nature. I am extremely creative and innovative.  I have traveled through 12 countries and have lived in 12 cities working in Visual Communication Design, creating peace. I have worked on diverse projects locally from working with kids to documentary, wildlife, to weddings, to human portraiture & interactive peace projects.


I also have experience in artistic production design & theater. Let's find your famous edge! I was the visual artist for the Edmonton Opera for 2 years producing plays. My main skill is to produce Visual Poetry in every project I am assigned to. I believe with a proper vision and organization, we will produce some inspiring & valuable artwork!

Peace, Love & humanity.






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