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Here is some more of my project work of photography, art & design.

LOVE MORE, FEAR LESS. Please also click on actual image to view in the slide shows!  
PHOTOGRAPHY. romance & life!

I love working on wedding photography to enhance the vision of a romantic culture in it's true class. Love is the most powerful energy that exists today. I have a strong artistic creative direction for your special day. We will make this moment last forever!


Please inquire about our wedding packages. All seasons, sessions starting from $1000... schedule with us today!


Please also consider your engagement photo's for your announcement!!


ART. the language of expression...

From artistic imagery to film conceptual work please art is an expression that helps us to open our minds to exploration. Please click to enlarge image to see the slide show.


Find me on FACEBOOK:

Relative Peace Visual Art on the menu where you will find more of my artwork!!!! I paint a ton of colour, political justice and visual poetry. I believe to invest in the imagination, freedom of thought and peace.


Commission some work with me today!!!!

DESIGN. click on images for view.

I work well with inspiring projects in design. My angles of work include everywhere from production designs with the Opera, to fitness projects, to corporate advertising, to interior design, you name it we can make it happen! I am extremely creative and always have a hand full of idea's for concepts to develop. 


Name your project let's get creative on all angles of design!!


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